Best WordPress Forum Plugins for Your Website in 2022

Are you searching for the best WordPress forum plugins for your website in 2022?

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that can be used to build websites. The richness of plugins available to expand the functionalities of your site is one of the main factors.

It is normal if you are unsure of which WordPress business plugins to select given that there are more than 55,000 + plugins available. Furthermore, not all plugins are free or perform as advertised, so picking the incorrect one could cost you money.

The correct WordPress plugins and tools can aid in the expansion of your online business. For your website in 2022, we Have given our professional pick of the best WordPress forum plugins in this article.

Let’s have a look!

Best WordPress Forum Plugins for Your Website in 2022


1. Elementor


It is the most utilized page builder plugin of all time. More than 5 million websites currently use it. Every WordPress theme is compatible with Elementor.

Without using any coding or performing any actual web design work, it enables you to build distinctive and lovely landing page designs. An easy drag-and-drop interface with nothing but graphic elements offers an enjoyable experience for users.

Simply drag any desired content element onto the page canvas and make any adjustments until you are satisfied with the outcome. WordPress widgets can also be used as content components.

It has a free version as well as the premium version that starts from $49 per year.

Elementor Best WordPress Forum Plugins

2. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is without a doubt one of the plugins that receive a lot of praise from users. Nearly all WordPress users who have blogs or websites utilize this plugin.

It aids in raising the overall SEO rating of your sites and content. With it, you can specify your primary keyword, the meta description, slug, SEO title, and the alt attributes of your photos, and it also offers advice on the best reading practices.

It is convenient because the plugin provides statistics and practical recommendations on how to enhance your work, and when everything is carried out according to the rules, the light turns Green.

It has a free version as well as the premium version that starts from $89/1 site.

Yoast SEO Best WordPress Forum Plugins


3. WooCommerce


The most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce, transforms your WordPress site into an entirely functional online store.

WooCommerce fundamental features are free is arguably its best feature. Additionally, it is produced by the same firm as the WordPress CMS, so you can be sure you’re utilizing a high-quality, dependable plugin.

You can sell everything from digital files to actual goods, create currencies, display reviews, and ratings, add sorting options, set an unlimited number of photos per product, enable subscriptions and stratified pricing, and do a lot more with its practically limitless customizability.


It has a free version as well as the premium version that is available for $79

WooCommerce Best WordPress Forum Plugins

4. Wordfence


This is a WordPress security plugin. It covers essential security aspects like malware detection, login security, and blocking dangerous traffic.

The WordPress admin page two-factor authentication can be set up using the login security feature. All you have to do is enter the verification code after scanning the QR code using a mobile authentication app.

A firewall overview, blocked assaults, and security issue scans are just a few of the website security-related statistics that will be displayed on the Wordfence dashboard once the plugin has been installed.

It has over 4 million + downloads. Its premium version costs $99/year per license.

Wordfence Best WordPress Forum Pl

5. WPForms

It was created for those who wish to be able to design cutting-edge forms without having to hire web designers. There are only three form kinds available in WPForms Lite, including contact forms.

WPForms Pro provides cutting-edge connections to build quizzes, payment forms, survey forms, and more.

This plugin also enables you to quickly create an elaborate form for your WordPress website. WPForms provides a simplified drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to construct a fantastic contact form.

It has a free version as well as the premium version that starts from $39.50/per year

WPForms Best WordPress Forum Plugins

6. W3 Total Cache

Caching is a powerful tool for reducing the time it takes for your website to load. W3 Total Cache works quite hard.

It manages content delivery network (CDN) uploads, compresses your CSS/HTML/Javascript files, and saves a static copy of your pages. In addition to providing a speedier website for your visitors, you can reduce bandwidth expenses.

As a website owner, one of your top priorities should be website performance. If your pages take a long time to load, viewers will just go to a site run by a rival.

W3 Total Cache helps maintain the speed and dependability of your pages with a minimum of configuration on your part.

It has over 1 million+ downloads and costs $99/site.

W3 Total Cache Best WordPress Forum Plugins

7. SeedProd


The greatest drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress is SeedProd. Without writing any code, it enables you to quickly alter the look and style of your website.

Business owners adore it since it enables them to quickly and easily design unique landing pages without the need to employ a developer.

With their user-friendly drag & drop WordPress page builder, you can construct a unique layout from scratch or select from over 150+ elegantly designed themes without any coding needed knowledge.

Its price normally starts at $79. $39.50 /year.

SeedProd Best WordPress Forum Plugins

8. Akismet

The Akismet goal is to block spam comments, which is a straightforward task. That is something Akismet is pretty good at.

The best part about it is that all you have to do is install the plugin on your website; nothing else. Every day filtering and anti-spam measures are carried out automatically.

Pro edition is available for a price starting at $10 per month.

Akismet Best WordPress Forum Plugins

9. Essential Real Estate


A free WordPress real estate plugin called Essential Real Estate offers cutting-edge functionality for websites that deal in real estate. You can create pages for agent lists, payment pages, and property listings using its setup wizard.

By enabling back-end and front-end listing administration, this free plugin makes it easier to add new listings since you don’t always need to log in to the WordPress dashboard. To give guests a great user experience, it also allows 360 virtual tours of properties.

Essential Real Estate Best WordPress Forum Plugins

 10. UpdraftPlus

Many WordPress backup plugins include deceptive paywalls, which is a concern. In other words, you can backup your site just fine, but when you go to restore it, you discover that it’s not quite as easy as you thought. Such an issue is not present with UpdraftPlus.

With the help of this plugin, you can quickly create backups of your website and restore them with equal ease. You can program those backups to run on autopilot each day or each week. For storing your backup archives, UpdraftPlus now connects with cloud providers like Dropbox.

Its pro version starts at $42 per year.

UpdraftPlus Best WordPress Forum Plugins

Hopefully, you have got an idea about all the important WordPress Plugins mentioned above. For more such articles head on to our blogs section!

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