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If you are thinking about switching from Magento to WooCommerce, you might be wondering how the two platforms compare and what you should consider when deciding between them. Both e-commerce platforms can power your business, but some key differences make one or the other better suited to your needs.

The e-commerce world is an ever-changing one, and sometimes you need to switch up your approach to keep up with the times. This guide will help you determine whether or not WooCommerce will be the best platform for your e-Commerce needs, and if so, here is how you can make the switch without losing too much of your traffic or revenue in the process.

Magento to WordPress

Why Should Transfer from Magento to WooCommerce?

Managing Magento can be challenging even if it is a complete e-Commerce system with cutting-edge functionality. You will require assistance from professionals with knowledge in Magento development. It can become too much at times, which would raise your expenses.

A challenging task in and of itself is upgrading from Magento 1 to 2. To execute this task correctly, you will require professional assistance. Users are going to WooCommerce because of this. Because contrary to popular belief, switching to WooCommerce is simpler than switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Compared to WooCommerce, Magento offers a wider range of features. However, it is more challenging to administer and configure, thus a professional developer will almost probably be needed for your Magento firm. WooCommerce is a well-developed e-commerce platform that is easy to set up and operate, making it one of the best.

Most importantly, switching to WooCommerce does not involve a lot of work. It would not take you more than a day or two to complete the Magento to WooCommerce transfer procedure due to how simple it is. You are not being urged to discontinue using Magento here. Choose Magento if you are affluent and do not mind investing. But why choose a challenging solution like Magento when there is a free and effective alternative like WooCommerce?

Transfer Magento Website To WooCommerce

Step-by-step transfer strategy

There are serval methods to transfer Magento to WooCommerce. We will discuss two of them here.

Follow these steps given below to transfer your website from Magento to WooCommerce.


 1. Exporting Data from Magento

  • Navigate to System > Export from the left sidebar of your Magento admin panel.
  • Choose Products and CSV for the Entity type and Export File Format fields on the following page’s drop-down menus, respectively.
  • Entities that ought to be excluded from the export file should have the appropriate boxes checked. Select Continue below. When the message is added to a queue, the system will let you know.
  • You can move forward by scrolling to the bottom and clicking “Continue” after selecting the filtration and exclusion options you desire.
  • Look in your download folder for your exported file. Your CSV file is now ready to be saved and opened as a spreadsheet. If necessary, modify your data, then import it into your WooCommerce store.

Export data from Magento

2. Import Data to WooCommerce

  • When you are logged in, select WooCommerce > Products from the left sidebar of your WordPress backend.
  • You can use the Product CSV importer there to add products in bulk. This tool can help your transition go more smoothly.
  • Select the CSV file you downloaded containing your Magento data by clicking the Choose File button on the right side of the screen. To continue, click the button.
  • Your data entity’s columns must now be mapped. Although WooCommerce attempts to automatically map the column names in your Magento CSV file to the relevant product fields. However, using the settings in the drop-down box to automatically map all of the fields is preferable.
  • Simply select the Run Importer button at this time. A few minutes will pass before the transfer is finished.
  • Finally, you can move clients and all the data using the same procedure.

Import Data to WooCommerce


You probably already know that there are many plugins in the WordPress repository that can assist you in completing various tasks for your website. You can create your WordPress site with a plugin if you look long and hard enough.

There are Magento to WooCommerce plugins that can aid in the transfer process from Magento to WooCommerce. such as migration plugins…

  • Cart2Cart
  • Litextension

The good news is that most of these WordPress plugins provide thorough instructions to help you through the process.


Hopefully, by now you can see that the transition from Magento to WooCommerce is considerably simpler than you had thought. You will not encounter any issues if you adhere to the procedures we have outlined above. After the transfer, confirm that all the data were correctly stored.

Switch From Magento Website To WooCommerce

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