How To Create a WordPress Dropdown Menu?

Are you considering adding a dropdown menu on your WordPress Website?

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In this article, we will learn all about how to create a WordPress dropdown menu on your website.


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Users’ ability to find what they want on your site depends on its navigation. A well-thought-out menu can significantly enhance User Experience and even lower your bounce rate. A shoddy one, though, can have the opposite effect.


WordPress, fortunately, gives you the option to make unique menus that are customized to your website’s requirements. Even better, you can use native WordPress features to construct a space-saving dropdown menu that still gives visitors a clear path to follow.


Basically, When your cursor is over an item in a dropdown menu, a list of links appears.


Now that you know what a Dropdown menu is and what is its purpose, let’s head on to learning how to create it.


How to create a WordPress Dropdown Menu

This technique uses built-in WordPress functionality to construct a dropdown menu, enabling you to keep it even after changing WordPress themes or adding new plugins. Pages, posts, and categories are among the menu options that are supported.


Remember that not all themes support dropdown menus. To ensure that what you are going to do is possible, check the documentation for your theme.


1. Create Your Menu Items

Choosing what to include in a menu is the first step in developing a dropdown menu. Go to Menus under Appearance in your WordPress dashboard. You can create a new menu in the Menu structure section of the Edit Menus tab.


Create Your Menu Items


You can now start expanding your menu. Pages, articles, and custom URLs are all permissible. Check the boxes next to the content you wish to add in the Pages area on the right, then choose to Add to Menu to add a page.


Add to Menu to add a page


By increasing the Categories section, you may use a similar procedure to add categories to your main menu. Any menu item made in this manner will launch a page containing every piece of material under a specific category.

2. Configure the Menu Structure

Everything will appear in the order that it was added. Additionally, there is not yet any drop-down functionality. So, solving those two issues is the next stage.


Drag and drop your menu items to the desired location to accomplish this. Even submenu items can be created in this manner.


Configure the Menu Structure


Now, be sure to save the modifications. A location may need to be assigned to your new menu based on your theme, so keep that in mind as well.

3. Add CSS to Your Menu

Beginners are not advised to do this, but intermediate and advanced users might want to customize their WordPress dropdown menus. You must first add a class to your menu before you can begin adding CSS to it.


If you don’t complete this step, your custom CSS can interfere with any other menus on your website. For instance, you can unintentionally style your footer menu while you just intended to style your main dropdown menu—Click Screen Options in the top-right area of the menu editor.


 Add CSS to Your Menu


Then select the CSS Classes checkbox


select the CSS Classes checkbox


4. Preview Your Menu

Your menu is almost prepared at this point. However, you might wish to preview it in the WordPress Customizer before publishing it. You can change the opacity, hover, font size, and other settings while instantly observing the results.


Preview Your Menu


5. Publish Your Dropdown Menu

If you are modifying a menu that is currently operational on your website, the changes will take immediate effect. To display this menu, you must now select a theme location if it is a new menu item.


Themes for WordPress can display menus in several places. You can choose whatever menu you wish to display at each theme’s defined menu positions.


This choice is located in the right column in the section titled “Menu settings.” Click on the “Save menu” button after selecting a setting next to the “Display location” setting.


Publish Your Dropdown Menu



It is crucial to create websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and usable. Making drop-down navigation menus is a simple method that aids each of these areas. This menu choice is appealing, simple to use, and helps you free up some display.

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