Why WordPress is Considered the Best CMS Platform?

Do you want to know why WordPress is considered the best CMS platform?


The answers to all of your queries are here!


WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, but it has evolved to become incredibly adaptable. It enables the users to build complete websites in any niche. Additionally, it is open source software, which means it is free. It can be shared and has endless validity.


Let’s have a look at a few prominent aspects that would guide you on why to use WordPress as a CMS and why!


1. Personalization

People who use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing account for a large portion of website traffic. Thousands of users every day can visit a website thanks to its rankings on search engine result pages.


In that situation, website owners compete with one another for visitors and worry about SEO. This is important in drawing new users. A few preset criteria are used by Google and other search engines to rank websites.


WordPress successfully manages those factors. WordPress provides you a head start with SEO, particularly in terms of on-page optimizations.


2. Suitable For SEO

Even the most successful website will fail if it does not receive any traffic or visitors. Fortunately, WordPress was created with traffic from search engines in mind.


Semantic markup and high-quality code are used to create WordPress. This means that Google and other search engines adore WordPress in non-geek terms.


This explains why WordPress pages typically score higher in search results than other websites. We advise employing a WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your site so that it receives even more visitors.


Yoast SEO and All in One SEO are our two top-recommended SEO plugins.


Suitable For SEO

3. Content Management


The WordPress platform is made up of three key components i.e., the core code and a selection of themes and plugins that let users essentially endlessly alter the look and feel of a WordPress site.


On a user WordPress admin panel, thousands of WordPress themes and plugins may be downloaded for free or can be purchased from a wide range of third-party developers and vendors.


4. Security

WordPress-powered websites are used to build a large number of websites, but they all maintain a high level of security. Of course, there are always weaknesses that hackers could take advantage of.


However, WordPress frequently publishes security upgrades to shield your site from any flaws. Being hacked is essentially the last thing a website owner wants to worry about.


You may significantly reduce security concerns by routinely updating your site to the most recent WordPress version and using trusted themes and plugins.


5. Pricing 

WordPress was developed by and for the community as an open-source project. It also implies that you do not need to pay someone a license fee to use it for any kind of website.


Although WordPress offers numerous features, such as a plugin architecture and a template system where anybody can create and charge for their plugin or theme, not everything is free.


The WordPress installation comes with everything you need to create a simple, cost-free website. While there are free options, you might need to pay for a high-quality or specialized solution if you want to use the CMS.


You can also use plugins that will instantly give you social sharing or a theme that will instantly give you a nice-looking site. Although WordPress is free, you still need to get a host.


6. Hosting

You will require a host to store and run WordPress because it cannot be run independently. A web hosting service is a sort of online hosting that enables people and businesses to make their websites accessible via the Internet.


Web hosts are businesses that offer space on a server that they either own or rent, for example, TezHost. It has the most reasonable packages for all kinds of hosting services including, VPS, Cloud, Shared, and Dedicated Hosting.


7. Customer Interface

The WordPress admin interface is simple to use. Creating posts, pages, installations, and updates is a breeze. You have access to an HTML tab as well as bold and left-align options in different editors, which is all you need to post a story to your website.


Create a post, publish it now or schedule it for later, password-protect a page, or enable comments on your website. An aesthetically beautiful user interface is used to present everything.


8. Showcase Client Testimonials

You and your team’s posts and original media are not the only sources of content for your website. Your website visitors can contribute original content. Because the majority of us now read reviews before making purchases, reviews are the most valuable user-generated material.


To avoid losing customers when they leave your site to check for customer reviews, eCommerce websites can retain users on their pages as they conduct research.


With the free version of the WordPress plugin WP Review, you may customize the style, colors, language, and rating system. Additionally supported by this plugin, Google Snippets enable your review boxes to appear attractively in search results.


Hope your query concerning why you ought to utilize WordPress has been addressed in this post. The only way to appreciate its capability is to use it.




For the best and most reasonable hosting services, head on to the TezHost official site.






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