WordPress Boilerplate Theme: All That You Need to Know

In today’s article, we will look at some common WordPress boilerplate themes

What is a boilerplate theme?

In essence, boilerplate code provides a foundation of directories and source code files that you can use to build your project. The directories aid in placing different source code files in their correct locations, and often, the structure corresponds to that of your development platform.


When it comes to WordPress plugins, the source code files typically include placeholder function definitions, values, and comments outlining where specific pieces of code should go. Additionally, boilerplate WordPress themes include a directory structure with skeleton JavaScript and CSS files that are well-organized and annotated.


Benefits Of Using a Boilerplate Theme

  • Maintenance 

The aforementioned factors make maintenance simpler. Boilerplate-written code is simpler to understand, comprehend, and troubleshoot. A developer can take your code and know exactly what to check for because of standardization.


But it is also for you, not simply for the other WordPress programmers. After a few months, code that is still clear to you now and was written a week ago will lose its meaning.



  • Code Quality

WordPress plugins typically don’t have the same high level of code quality as the WordPress core, despite the latter excellent design. Standardization is a logical result of boilerplate usage. Plugins that follow a standard that upholds best practices are more organized in their code, and most importantly, they are placed correctly.


Additionally, boilerplate encourages programmers to use the whole interface and capabilities of the plugin. Offering that framework prevents you from forgetting something or doing it incorrectly.



  • Rapid Advancement

Additionally, boilerplate code expedites the development process. It enables you to begin writing code and designing in the important areas by providing you with a fully functional skeleton of the project.


You don’t have to spend time arranging your code or determining which built-in CSS elements or default functions you require. The main benefit comes from developing your own, more sophisticated boilerplate packages, though.


The magic happens if you typically design specific types of WordPress sites, like e-commerce or personal pages.


WordPress Boilerplate Themes

A WordPress boilerplate theme is also known as a starter theme. It serves as the starting point for the construction of your theme and gives you a head start.


According to its advertising, the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate provides “a standardized, organized, object-oriented foundation for constructing high-quality WordPress plugins,” and it certainly lives up to that claim.


It is developed on top of the WordPress Plugin API and adheres to the standards set out in the WordPress API and Documentation. It also offers a convenient method for internationalization.


Let’s have a look at a few robust WordPress boilerplate themes.


1. Underscores

The most popular WordPress starter theme is Underscores. It is maintained by Automattic.


It is an HTML5 and CSS-based minimalist starter theme. Clean code is intended to get through your way and make it easier for you to swiftly create a WordPress theme that complies with standards.


It features 5 different layout templates. Unfortunately, it lacks a responsive layout that is already designed. Thus, you need to construct a new one.


Underscores WordPress Boilerplate Theme


2. BlankSlate

 A straightforward and incredibly adaptable starting theme for WordPress, Blankslate. It was created with programmers in mind.


It is straightforward but provides a solid basis upon which your themes may be built. The theme features personalized CSS styling and SEO enhancements.


BlankSlate WordPress Boilerplate Theme


3. Roots

An outstanding free WordPress starter theme is Roots. It is constructed using Bootstrap and HTML boilerplate. You can replace it or take it out if you decide not to use it.


Additionally, it features Grunt scripts for fast integrating your CSS and JavaScript files and producing Less code.


Theme Wrapper, a handy feature of Roots that saves you from actually writing the same code many times in different files, is one of its best qualities.


Roots WordPress Boilerplate Theme


4. JointsWP

The WordPress starter theme JointsWP is unbeatable. It has a Foundation 6 framework foundation and is available in CSS or Sass variants.


It provides you with all the freedom and power you require to create intricate, mobile-friendly websites without having to start afresh. This theme should only serve as your starting point rather than your final project. Useless to utilize kid-friendly themes. It does not contain a lot of functionality or addons that you will probably never use.


With the built-in Gulp configuration, your workflow will be more efficient and modern. Sass files can be swiftly compiled, JS files can be minified, files can be monitored for changes, and much more can be done with only a few instructions.


JointsWP WordPress Boilerplate Theme



5. HTML5 Blank

 You may get a good head start on creating a coherent and reasonable HTML5 WordPress theme by using this blank theme.


For instance, the article template in the HTML5 Reset WordPress Theme uses the hNews microformat to make your content easier for search engines to interpret.


The traditional WordPress starter theme is HTML5Blank. It is built using tidy HTML5 and CSS3 templates, ready-to-use code, and template tags that you may use when creating your theme.


HTML5 Blank WordPress Boilerplate Theme


6. Air-Light

Air-lift is a simple WordPress starter theme based on Underscores. It is a useful WordPress theme with a limited number of design options, which allows developers to add additional styles and create new themes.


Air-Light WordPress Boilerplate Theme



There are other additional boilerplate programs available, each of which meets a different requirement. If you are a newbie WordPress developer or simply need a basic boilerplate to get your plugin or theme developed. The majority of the WordPress starter themes mentioned above are perfect for your requirements.


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